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I make sewn pictures from fabric and thread. My subject matter is varied, but usually figurative and conversational. My work incorporates language and explores the relationship between fabrics, design and words and thoughts.

The works are not designed in advance, they stem from an idea and tend to develop as fabric is placed and thread worked. The type and provenance of the materials used to make the pieces are important- a set of old wooden cottons reels bought from a charity shop were used to stitch a piece exploring place and identity and a set of linen tea napkins, a family heirloom, reworked into acot quilt. I used kimono silks to work on some images derived from Japanese wood block prints and a 1940s child's handkerchief in a picture about a nursery rhyme. I enjoy using fabrics that have been used for other purposes and often allow the fabric to inform the design and sometimes subject matter of a particular piece.

At the heart of my work is the craft, the use of a needle and thread. But crucially, the key for me is to take the tools and traditional methods of creative utility and use them to explore diverse ideas and challenges, creating a new layer of meaning in the conversation between the medium and the message.

I welcome commissions - contact me here in the first instance

You can also find me on flickr but I tend to use twitter more @pleavergreen

 * If you'd like to use any photographs of my work for your blog/ magazine etc please do contact me and I will send you appropriately sized images